Capillary flow device for bio-fluid collection with semiconductor sensors

An on-body wearable bio-fluid collection and sensing device including an interface or interface surface comprising at least one biocompatible material for contacting a bodily part; at least one inlet for receiving the bio-fluid, at least one outlet for evacuating the bio-fluid, a plurality of semiconductor sensors configured to analyze the received bio-fluid, at least one reference electrode for biasing a bio-fluid gate of at least one of the semiconductor sensors, and at least one micro-fluidic or nano-fluidic channel in fluid communication with the at least one inlet, the at least one outlet and the at least one reference electrode; the at least one micro-fluidic or nano-fluidic channel includes the plurality of semiconductor sensors.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Kapillardurchflussvorrichtung für biofluidentnahme mit halbleitersensoren (fr) Dispositif d'écoulement capillaire pour réception de liquides organiques à capteurs à semi-conducteurs
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