Cryogel 3d scaffolds and methods for producing thereof

A method of producing a cryogel-based multicompartment 3D scaffold is herein disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: a) providing a first frozen polymeric layer on a refrigerated support kept at subzero temperature; b) providing subsequent polymeric layers to obtain a stack of polymeric layers by possibly modulating the subzero temperature of the refrigerated support; c) optionally incubating the final polymeric structure at subzero temperature; and d) placing the produced cryogel at a temperature above 0° C., the method being characterized in that each subsequent layer i) is deposited on the previous one after freezing of this latter; ii) is deposited on the previous one before the complete polymerization of this latter; and iii) is deposited with a temperature higher than the freezing temperature of the previously deposited layer. Cryogel scaffolds obtained from the method of the invention are also disclosed.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Kryogel-3d-gerüste und verfahren zur herstellung davon (fr) Échafaudages 3d cryogels et leurs méthodes de production
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