Analysis and Design of Energy Geostructures gathers in a unified framework the theoretical and experimental competence available on energy geostructures: innovative multifunctional earth-contact structures that can provide renewable energy supply and structural support to any built environment. The book covers the broad, interdisciplinary and integrated knowledge required to address the analysis and design of energy geostructures from energy, geotechnical and structural perspectives. This knowledge includes (Part A) an introduction to the technology; (Part B) the fundamentals of heat and mass transfers as well as of the mechanics of geomaterials and structures required to address the unprecedented behavior of energy geostructures; (Part C) the experimental evidence characterizing the considered geostructures; (Part D) various analytical and numerical modeling approaches to capture the response of energy geostructures; and (Part E) the performance-based design and detailing essentials of energy geostructures. Designed with civil engineers in mind, this book targets energy engineers, environmental engineers, geologists, architects and urban project managers as well.