We seek to augment human manipulation by enabling humans to control two robotic arms in addition to their natural arms using their feet. Thereby, the hands are free to perform tasks of high dexterity, while the feet-controlled arms perform tasks requiring lower dexterity, such as supporting a load. The robotic arms are tele-operated through two foot interfaces that transmit translation and rotation to the end effector of the manipulator. Haptic feedback is provided for the human to perceive contact and change in load and to adapt the feet pressure accordingly. Existing foot interfaces have been used primarily for a single foot control and are limited in range of motion and number of degrees of freedom they can control. This paper presents foot-interfaces specifically made for bipedal control, with a workspace suitable for two feet operation and in five degrees of freedom each. This paper also presents a position-force teleoperation controller based on Impedance Control modulated through Dynamical Systems for trajectory generation. Finally, an initial validation of the platform is presented, whereby a user grasps an object with both feet and generates various disturbances while the object is supported by the feet.