In recent years, the necessity of using renewable and sustainable resources in the building sector has become obvious, and interest in timber as a building material has revived. Toward this end, Laboratory for Timber Construction (IBOIS) aims to develop a next generation of timber construction using a wide range of timber products from natural wood resources such as tree trucks to engineered products such as Laminated Veneer Lumbers. The ambitious purpose of IBOIS is to develop a next generation of timber constructions made out of innovative timber products at building scale. With the development of new digital tools, timber construction could be transformed allowing its introduction into a wide range of new applications. The collaborative approach of architects, civil engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists in the IBOIS team offers a unique blend of skills and challenges the traditional relationship between engineering sciences and architectural conception. The proposed use of planar structural elements and of curved linear elements, will help to introduce timber in constructions such as public buildings where architectural and aesthetic considerations are deemed to be of strong cultural importance.