This paper deals with a divertor coil currents optimized procedure to design High Flux Expansion (HFE) configurations in the JET tokamak aimed to study the effects of flux expansion variation on the radiation fraction and radiated power re-distribution. A number of benefits of HFE configuration have been experimentally demonstrated on TCV, EAST, NSTX and DIII-D tokamaks and are under investigation for next generation devices, as DEMO and DTT. The procedure proposed here exploits the linearized relation between the plasma-wall gaps and the Poloidal Field (PF) coil currents. Once the linearized model is provided by means of CREATE-NL code, the divertor coils currents are calculated using a constrained quadratic programming optimization procedure, in order to achieve HFE configuration. Flux expanded configurations have been experimentally realized both in ohmic and heated plasma with and without nitrogen seeding. Preliminary results on the effects of the flux expansion variation on total power radiation increase will be also briefly discussed.