A helicon-based plasma source is under development and exploration at CEA-IRFM to produce an efficient and dense magnetized plasma column. The final objective of this development is the extraction and acceleration of a blade-like negative ion beam in view of future neutral beam injector systems for fusion reactors. The extraction of a negative ion beam from a magnetized plasma column requires a specific topology of the magnetic confinement, which significantly impacts the plasma parameters and wave propagation along the column. The magnetic confinement under investigation is based on water-cooled internal coils implemented under vacuum along the source (column) axis; these coils are supplied with a high DC current (similar to 1000 A), providing the axial magnetic field (B// similar to 10 mT). Different diagnostics developed in academic laboratories, such as 3D B-dot probes, optical emission spectroscopy and Langmuir probes, have been used for plasma characterization. The paper reports the experimental results obtained under different operating conditions of this particular magnetic confinement.