Meeting Report – The 2019 FEBS special meeting on sphingolipid biology: sphingolipids in physiology and pathology

Sphingolipids are a fundamental class of molecules that are involved in structural, organizational and signaling properties of eukaryotic membranes. Defects in their production or disposal lead to acquired and inherited human diseases. A growing community of scientists has embraced the challenge to dissect different aspects of sphingolipid biology using a variety of approaches, and a substantial part of this community met last May in the beautiful town of Cascais in Portugal. Over 200 scientists from 26 countries animated the conference, held in a 15th century citadel, sharing their data and opinions on the current understanding and future challenges in sphingolipid research. Here, we report some of their contributions to provide the readers with a bird’s-eye view of the themes discussed at the meeting.

Jul 31 2019
Review article, in: Journal of Cell Science, vol. 132 no. 15, jcs235705

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