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000268762 245__ $$aOn the Influence of the Supine Posture on Simulation Sickness in Virtual Reality
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000268762 520__ $$aVirtual Reality (VR) has the capability of fullyimmersing users into a wide variety of gaming experiences wherethe sole focus of the user is on that experience itself. Oneproblem that often occurs when it comes to VR experiences isthat of simulation sickness (SS), which is particularly prevalentwhen the user is forced to play at an abnormal posture dueto physical limitations or specific treatment procedures. In thispaper we report on a between group study comparing the effectof SS mitigating factors for two postures: seated and lying-downon one’s back (known as the supine pose). A 3D recreationof the popular gamePacman(Namco, 1980) was developedspecifically for VR. Each subject participated a total of sixsessions of six minutes each taking place over the course of twoto three weeks with a two to five day minimum and maximumbetween each session, respectively. At the start and end of eachsession participants were asked to fill-in the Simulator SicknessQuestionnaire (SSQ), allowing to effectively rate the intensity ofSS per session. Results show a lack of significant differences whenexamining participants as a whole regarding the SS decrease inrelation with the field of view (FOV) and the rest frame factors.However, when considering the participant experience in VR, itappears that the lying-down pose does trigger simulation sicknesssymptoms for more proficient participants whereas they do notreport such symptoms for the seated posture
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