The computing platform (OSMOSELua) has been developed in the Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering group IPESE at EPFL as a flexible and robust tool for the design of complex integrated energy systems. The decision tool has been developed using the script language Lua, to help decision making for the design and operation of various systems (energy, supply chains, industrial processes etc.). A research tool in essence, it also aims at capitalizing the knowledge acquired and methods developed by the research group. OsmoseLua can handle GIS data based on a generic object‐oriented model of each urban energy system component type (buildings, utilities and networks). Multi‐carrier/multi‐services/multigrids layers are treated using energy flows such as fuel or electricity associated to unit process. A multi‐period description allows to characterize the main stages of the urban architectural morphing bringing the long term vision needed to perform the coordinated planning of multienergy networks.