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000268171 245__ $$aSecured Routines: Language-based Construction of Trusted Execution Environments
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000268171 520__ $$aTrusted Execution Environments (TEEs), such as Intel SGX enclaves, use hardware to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of operations on sensitive data. While the technology is available on many processors, the complexity of its programming model and its performance overhead have limited adoption. TEEs provide a new and valuable hardware functionality that has no obvious analogue in programming languages, which means that developers must manually partition their application into trusted and untrusted components. This paper describes an approach that fully integrates trusted execution into a language. We extend the Go language to allow a programmer to execute a goroutine within an enclave, to use low-overhead channels to communicate between the trusted and untrusted environments, and to rely on a compiler to automatically extract the secure code and data. Our prototype compiler and runtime, GOTEE, is a backward-compatible fork of the Go compiler. The evaluation shows that our compiler-driven code and data partitioning efficiently executes both microbenchmarks and applications. On the former, GOTEE achieves a 5.2×throughput and a 2.3× latency improvement over the Intel SGX SDK. Our case studies, a Go ssh server, the Go tls package, and a secured keystore inspired by the go-ethereum project, demonstrate that minor source-code modifications suffice to provide confidentiality and integrity guarantees with only moderate performance overheads.
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