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000267529 245__ $$aDecentralized Stochastic Optimization and Gossip Algorithms with Compressed Communication
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000267529 520__ $$aWe consider decentralized stochastic optimization with the objective function (e.g. data samples for machine learning task) being distributed over n machines that can only communicate to their neighbors on a fixed communication graph. To reduce the communication bottleneck, the nodes compress (e.g. quantize or sparsify) their model updates. We cover both unbiased and biased compression operators with quality denoted by \omega <= 1 (\omega=1 meaning no compression). We (i) propose a novel gossip-based stochastic gradient descent algorithm, CHOCO-SGD, that converges at rate O(1/(nT) + 1/(T \delta^2 \omega)^2) for strongly convex objectives, where T denotes the number of iterations and δ the eigengap of the connectivity matrix. Despite compression quality and network connectivity affecting the higher order terms, the first term in the rate, O(1/(nT)), is the same as for the centralized baseline with exact communication. We (ii) present a novel gossip algorithm, CHOCO-GOSSIP, for the average consensus problem that converges in time O(1/(\delta^2\omega) \log (1/\epsilon)) for accuracy \epsilon > 0. This is (up to our knowledge) the first gossip algorithm that supports arbitrary compressed messages for \omega > 0 and still exhibits linear convergence. We (iii) show in experiments that both of our algorithms do outperform the respective state-of-the-art baselines and CHOCO-SGD can reduce communication by at least two orders of magnitudes.
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000267529 7112_ $$d9-15 June 2019$$cLong Beach, California, USA$$aICML 2019 - International Conference on Machine Learning
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