Frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs) consist of sterically hindered Lewis acids and Lewis bases, which provide high catalytic activity towards non-metal-mediated activation of "inert" small molecules, including CO2 among others. One critical issue of homogeneous FLPs, however, is their instability upon recycling, leading to catalytic deactivation. Herein, we provide a solution to this issue by incorporating a bulky Lewis acid-functionalized ligand into a water-tolerant metal-organic framework (MOF), named SION-105, and employing Lewis basic diamine substrates for the in situ formation of FLPs within the MOE Using CO2 as a C1-feedstock, this combination allows for the efficient transformation of a variety of diamine substrates into benzimidazoles. SION-105 can be easily recycled by washing with MeOH and reused multiple times without losing its identity and catalytic activity, highlighting the advantage of the MOF approach in FLP chemistry.