Interface and requirements analysis on the DEMO Heating and Current Drive system using Systems Engineering methodologies

In this paper we present the methodology implemented for analyzing System Requirements and Interfaces of the Heating and Current Drive (HCD) system of the European Demonstration Fusion Power Reactor DEMO. The work consisted in updating the preliminary framework of the Model-Based Systems Engineering model of the HCD System Architecture. This is now containing an ontology, a set of 6 perspectives and a defined set of viewpoints for each Perspective, for refining the HCD System Architecture. The scope of the work is to manage the interdependencies of HCD system elements and their integration into DEMO, for a given set of system functions. On the one hand, this means to address the identification and definition of the interfaces occurring, both internally in the HCD system, and between the HCD system and neighboring systems. On the other hand, this implies studying the impact of requirements coming from the ongoing physics studies. The rationale is to provide the technical foreground for supporting the decision-making processes related to the HCD system which is planned to be carried out during the forthcoming Conceptual Design Phase. The results we show in this paper are part of the design and integration activities consisting of both systems engineering methodologies and design analysis, all aiming at ensuring consistency in the overall EU DEMO plant design. In this framework the DEMO Heating and Current Drive system has been selected as pilot project for the application of Systems Engineering methodologies.

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Fusion Engineering and Design
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