Constraints and regulations related to new buildings are constantly evolving and all these changes, in our ways of thinking and producing, will have an impact on standards. For the policy field, contractual relationships, risk-allocation models and procedural flows should evolve if only for the implementation of BIM. Focusing on the technical side, research should be performed to characterize recycled materials for using them in new constructions. For timber construction there is only literature for assessing the semi rigidity of mechanical fasteners. The introduction of mechanical fastener stiffness, called Kser, was a major advance in Eurocode 5 in order to solve problems of stability and large displacement which is usually the most critical point for timber structures (Serviceability Limit State). In order to be able to bring these new connection techniques into common practice, there are gaps to fill concerning their behaviours (slip modulus, failure modes, resistant capacity, long term) and that is why research is performed at IBOIS and LERMAB on this topic.