Considerable progress has been made in the last decade in implantable bioelectronic neurosystems. Yet most neural implants are used in acute and tethered experimental conditions. Here, we present a preliminary prototype of a multichannel system for simultaneous peripheral nerve stimulation and neural recording. The system comprises miniaturized electronics with a total volume of less then 1.4cm 3 including a 3.7V battery which is expected to last for 94 days of standby operation or 18 hours of continuous recording and stimulation. Data read-out and device configuration are wireless. Visceral nerves in rodents are interfaced with compliant extraneural electrodes. The 100×350μm 2 electrodes display a low impedance (1.8kn at 1kHz) with a PEDOT:PSS coating. We validated the prototype in acute experiments by applying electrical stimulation to the aortic depressor nerve (ADN), resulting in effective and reproducible decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. The combination of miniaturized electronics and flexible electrodes makes the presented system a versatile platform for future implantable devices interfacing small peripheral nerves and potentially enables new applications in the field of neuroscience.