The purpose of this report is to detail the findings of a long-term evaluation study on the impact of installing electrochromic glazing in two different buildings owned by Audemars Piguet. The two locations under investigation are the APRP ateliers in Le Locle (May 14-16 and July 03-05, 2018), and the AP bureaux in Le Brassus (June 25-27 and August 15-18, 2018). Understanding the impact on worker satisfaction and wellbeing on changing the light environment in both locations requires a firm grasp of context. The lighting needs of the atelier workers in Le Locle and the office workers of Le Brassus are different. Furthermore, changes in the spectrum (color) and brightness of incoming daylight can have a noticeable impact on how the workers perceive color, experience glare, and perceive their thermal environment. We understand that worker satisfaction with the lighting environment is essential. Our study uses real-time sampling questionnaires, feedback tasks, and spatial monitoring techniques to monitor and record participant responses to changes in their light and thermal environments. The on-site studies were conducted twice at both locations: before and after the installation of the electrochromic glazing and a comparative analysis on the results was done at the EPFL. The results of our analysis are discussed in the following sections along with their relevance for making a decision on the installation of electrochromics on a larger scale.