Wavelet variance scale-dependence as a dynamics discriminating tool in high-frequency urban wind speed time series

High frequency wind time series measured at different heights from the ground (from 1.5 to 25.5 meters) in an urban area were investigated by using the variance of the coefficients of their wavelet transform. Two ranges of scales were identified, sensitive to two different dynamical behavior of the wind speed: the lower anemometers show higher wavelet variance at smaller scales, while the higher ones are characterized by higher wavelet variance at larger scales. Due to the relationship between wavelet scale and frequency, the results suggest the existence of two frequency ranges, where the wind speed variability change according to the position of the anemometer from the ground. This study contributes to better understanding of the high frequency wind speed in urban areas and to a better knowledge of the underlying mechanism governing the wind fluctuations at different heights from the ground in particular in urban area.

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