Density matrix renormalization group simulations of SU(N) Heisenberg chains using standard Young tableaus: Fundamental representation and comparison with a finite-size Bethe ansatz

We develop an efficient method to perform density matrix renormalization group simulations of the SU(N) Heisenberg chain with open boundary conditions taking full advantage of the SU(N) symmetry of the problem. This method is an extension of the method previously developed for exact diagonalizations and relies on a systematic use of the basis of standard Young tableaux. Concentrating on the model with the fundamental representation at each site (i.e., one particle per site in the fermionic formulation), we have benchmarked our results for the ground-state energy up to N = 8 and up to 420 sites by comparing them with Bethe ansatz results on open chains, for which we have derived and solved the Bethe ansatz equations. The agreement for the ground-state energy is excellent for SU(3) (12 digits). It decreases with N, but it is still satisfactory for N = 8 (six digits). Central charges c are also extracted from the entanglement entropy using the Calabrese-Cardy formula and agree with the theoretical values expected from the SU(N)(1) Wess-Zumino-Witten conformal field theories.

Published in:
Physical Review B, 97, 13, 134420
Apr 20 2018

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