MATHICSE Technical Report :Convergence analysis of Padé approximations for Helmholtz frequency response problems

The present work concerns the approximation of the solution map S associated to the parametric Helmholtz boundary value problem, i.e., the map which associates to each (real) wavenumber belonging to a given interval of interest the corresponding solution of the Helmholtz equation. We introduce a least squares rational Padé-type approximation technique applicable to any meromorphic Hilbert space-valued univariate map, and we prove the uniform convergence of the Padé approximation error on any compact subset of the interval of interest that excludes any pole. This general result is then applied to the Helmholtz solution map S, which is proven to be meromorphic in C, with a pole of order one in every (single or multiple) eigenvalue of the Laplace operator with the considered boundary conditions. Numerical tests are provided that confirm the theoretical upper bound on the Padé approximation error for the Helmholtz solution map.

Jul 19 2016
Écublens, MATHICSE
MATHICSE Technical Report Nr. 24 .2016 July 2016
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