Simulation of plasma turbulence in the periphery of diverted tokamak by using the GBS code

We report on the implementation of diverted magnetic equilibria in GBS and on first simulations in this geometry. GBS is a simulation code used to evolve plasma turbulence in the tokamak periphery by solving the drift-reduced Braginskii's equations. The model equations are written in toroidal coordinates, abandoning flux coordinate systems that are not defined at the X-point. A fourth order finite difference scheme is used for the implementation of the spatial operators on poloidally and toroidally staggered grids. The GBS numerical implementation is verified through the method of manufactured solutions. The code convergence properties are tested on a relatively simple analytical X-point configuration. Finally, the diverted equilibrium from a TCV tokamak discharge is implemented in the new version of GBS. The analysis of the simulation results is focused on blob formation, radial transport, and plasma poloidal rotation mechanisms.

Published in:
Physics Of Plasmas, 25, 11, 112301
Nov 01 2018

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