Lightning electromagnetic fields can couple to overhead power transmission and distribution lines, causing serious effects to the power system. Lightning electromagnetic fields that couple to overhead lines have a nonuniform distribution along the line conductors. Therefore, to ensure the accuracy of the numerical calculation results, a large number of discretization points are needed along the line, which might dramatically increase the computation time since the evaluation of lightning electromagnetic fields in the presence of a lossy soil involves, in general, Sommerfeld integrals, or, even in the case of a perfectly conducting ground, numerical integration along the channel. This paper proposes a new approach to address this problem. The proposed approach is based on the Agrawal et al . coupling model, in which the horizontal lightning electric field along the line is represented by the complex exponential functions in the frequency domain using the matrix pencil method. The method is highly efficient in terms of computation time since the lightning-induced response of the line can be solved semi-analytically. The proposed approach is validated by two different validation examples.