We consider the problem of decomposing monotone Boolean functions into majority-of-three operations, with a particular focus on decomposing the majority-n function. When targeting monotone Boolean functions, Shannon's expansion can be expressed by a single majority-of-three operation. We exploit this property to transform binary decision diagrams (BDDs) for monotone functions into majority-inverter graphs (MIGs), using a simple one-to-one mapping. This process highlights desirable properties for further majority graph optimization, e.g., symmetries between the inputs of primitive operations, which are not apparent from BDDs. Although our construction yields a quadratic upper bound on the number of majority-3 operations required to realize majority-n, for small n the concrete values are much smaller compared to those obtained from previous constructions which have linear and quasi-linear asymptotic upper bounds. Further, we demonstrate that minimum size MIGs, for the monotone functions majority-5 and majority-7, can be obtained applying a small number of algebraic transformations to the BDD.