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000259178 245__ $$aInfluence of Operational Timing on the Efficiency of Venting Turbidity Currents
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000259178 520__ $$aReservoir sedimentation is gaining growing attention as dams are aging, due to economic and environmental consequences. Venting of turbidity currents is one of many sediment management techniques, highly recommended when water is in shortage. The venting operation is experimentally investigated using two reservoir bed slopes. The main research questions concern the opening timing of bottom outlets and the duration of venting. The timings tested are relative to the arrival of the current at the outlet. The results showed that in-time venting, synchronized with the arrival of the turbidity current at the outlet, is more efficient than early or late venting. It is recommended to start opening the gates when the turbidity current is around 300 m upstream of the outlet, so that the evacuation is synchronized with the arrival of the current at the dam. Additionally, venting should not be stopped immediately after the end of the turbidity current flow but should instead last for a certain time in order to evacuate the muddy lake depending on the outflow discharge.
000259178 6531_ $$aReservoir sedimentation; Bottom outlets; Intakes; Management; Turbidity current; Venting; Timing; Duration
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