You Talking to Me? The TED digital infrastructure as a Recognition Device

This article investigates the TED digital infrastructure for translating Science and Technology projects. Specifically, we seek to investigate the TED infrastructures generative mechanisms and their relation to valuation mechanisms and practices. The research adopts a critical research stance with a critical realist perspective. Our arguments follow the six principles for the conduct of critical research in information systems proposed by Myers and Klein (2011), in particular the principle of using core concepts from critical social theorists and the principle of revealing and challenging prevailing beliefs and social practices, thus potentially contributing to individual emancipation from digitally enabled valuation practices as well as to improvement of society by questioning the role of a digital public sphere in the selection of ideas and innovation paths worth spreading.

Published in:
Academy of Management Global Proceedings, 1
Presented at:
AOM Specialized Conference on Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy, University of Surrey, UK, April 18-20, 2018
Jun 15 2018
Academy of Management

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