Drug Repurposing Approach Identifies a Synergistic Drug Combination of an Antifungal Agent and an Experimental Organometallic Drug for Melanoma Treatment

By screening a drug library comprising FDA approved compounds, we discovered a potent interaction between the antifungal agent haloprogin and the experimental organometallic drug RAPTA-T, to synergistically induce cancer cell killing. The combination of these two small molecules, even at low doses, elicited an improved therapeutic response on tumor growth over either agent alone or the current treatment used in the clinic in the highly aggressive syngeneic B16F10 melanoma tumor model, where classical cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agents show little efficacy. The combination with the repurposed chemodrug haloprogin provides the basis for a new powerful treatment option for cutaneous melanoma. Importantly, because synergistic induction of tumor cell death is achieved with low individual drug doses, and cellular targets for RAPTA-T are different from those of classical chemotherapeutic drugs, a therapeutic strategy based on this approach could avoid toxicities and potentially resistance mechanisms, and could even inhibit metastatic progression.

Published in:
Molecular Pharmaceutics, 15, 1, 116-126

 Record created 2018-07-11, last modified 2018-12-03

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