Excitonic Emission of Monolayer Semiconductors Near-Field Coupled to High-Q Microresonators

We present quantum yield measurements of single layer WSe2 (1L-WSe2) integrated with high-Q (Q > 106) optical microdisk cavities, using an efficient (η > 90%) near-field coupling scheme based on a tapered optical fiber. Coupling of the excitonic emission is achieved by placing 1L-WSe2 in the evanescent cavity field. This preserves the microresonator high intrinsic quality factor (Q > 106) below the bandgap of 1L-WSe2. The cavity quantum yield is QYc ≈ 10–3, consistent with operation in the broad emitter regime (i.e., the emission lifetime of 1L-WSe2 is significantly shorter than the bare cavity decay time). This scheme can serve as a precise measurement tool for the excitonic emission of layered materials into cavity modes, for both in plane and out of plane excitation.

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Nano Letters, 18, 5, 3138-3146
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