The data to reproduce results from the paper " Multi-scale modelling to evaluate building energy consumption at the neighbourhood scale " with DOI : 10.1371/journal.pone.0183437 can be found in this repository. We provide the useful data to rerun the CitySim simulation and provide results also from the experiments conducted as well as data collected on the EPFL campus. - Climate file for Ecublens issued from Meteonorm (Ecublens.cli) - Climate file for Ecublens used as input for CIM (remove the header from the Ecublens.cli file) - Ground surface temperature for the EPFL campus (epfl_surf_temp.dat) - Geometrical characteristics for EPFL campus (epfl_geo_char.dat) - Executable file for CIM (canopy.dbx) - Climate file for Ecublens issued from CIM (Ecublens_cim.cli) - Measured data at 2m above ground and from the LESO-rooftop for year 2015 (u_2m.txt, u_12m.txt, temp_2m.txt, temp_12m.txt, winddir_12m.txt). - Simulated data from CIM for the year 2015 at 2m and 12m (u_2m-cim.txt, u_12m-cim.txt, temp_2m-cim.txt, temp_12m-cim.txt, winddir_12m-cim.txt). If you require anything else please contact the corresponding author. Please note that the CitySim files are currently missing but will be uploaded as soon as possible. In case of need please contact the corresponding author.