Chiral lactam 2 and three chiral 3-amino alcohols 3-5 have been synthesized and characterized by Sspectroscopic techniques. Regioselective ring opening reaction of chiral styrene oxide by an amine nucle-ophile was confirmed by X-ray diffraction data. Ligand 2-4 crystallizes in the tetragonal, orthorhombic and tetragonal crystal lattice system respectively. Ligands 2-6 have been used as potential inhibitors for protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B enzyme (PTP1B). The potential inhibitor effect of these molecules to the target protein was investigated by Dock and molecular dynamics calculations. Dock score analysis and Lipinski parameters suggested that ligands 1,2,4-6 are potential inhibitors towards PTP1B, thus indicating that the residues Arg24, Arg254 and Met258, Asp29 in the second active site of PTP1B are essential for the high selectivity of inhibitors. The results indicate that the polar hydrogen bonding interacts with Asp29, Gln102, and the amino acid residues of PTP1B are responsible for governing inhibitory potency of ligands 1-6. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.