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000233739 245__ $$aIntroduction to the IRGC Risk Governance Framework
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000233739 500__ $$aThis paper should be cited as: IRGC. (2017). Introduction to the IRGC Risk Governance Framework, revised version. Lausanne: EPFL International Risk Governance Center.
000233739 520__ $$aThe IRGC Framework recommends a holistic, multidisciplinary and multistakeholder approach to risk. It supports processes that aim to provide and structure scientific evidence about a risk in a societal context. It helps decision-makers analyse the major ambiguities and controversies that may affect the management of a risk. The Framework provides guidance to cope with risks in situations of high complexity, uncertainty or ambiguity. It can support the detection of current or potential deficits within the risk governance process, and provide guidance for their remediation. Its application enables decision-makers to act on the basis of evidence, transparent assumptions, and broad societal values and interests. The IRGC Risk Governance Framework is a generic resource meant to be tailored to the specific context and needs of each risk governing organisation. The Framework as a whole -or specific parts of it- are often used as a basis or inspiration for an organisation to develop its own risk management framework.
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