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Cosmological constraints from the convergence 1-point probability distribution

We examine the cosmological information available from the 1-point probability density function (PDF) of the weak-lensing convergence field, utilizing fast L-PICOLA simulations and a Fisher analysis. We find competitive constraints in the Omega(m)-sigma(8) plane from the convergence PDF with 188 arcmin(2) pixels compared to the cosmic shear power spectrum with an equivalent number of modes (l < 886). The convergence PDF also partially breaks the degeneracy cosmic shear exhibits in that parameter space. A joint analysis of the convergence PDF and shear 2-point function also reduces the impact of shape measurement systematics, to which the PDF is less susceptible, and improves the total figure of merit by a factor of 2-3, depending on the level of systematics. Finally, we present a correction factor necessary for calculating the unbiased Fisher information from finite differences using a limited number of cosmological simulations.


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