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000231254 245__ $$aSimulation of pump-turbine prototype fast mode transition for grid stability support
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000231254 520__ $$aThe paper explores the additional services that Full Size Frequency Converter, FSFC, solution can provide for the case of an existing pumped storage power plant of 2x210 MW, for which conversion from fixed speed to variable speed is investigated with a focus on fast mode transition. First, reduced scale model tests experiments of fast transition of Francis pump-turbine which have been performed at the ANDRITZ HYDRO Hydraulic Laboratory in Linz Austria are presented. The tests consist of linear speed transition from pump to turbine and vice versa performed with constant guide vane opening. Then existing pumped storage power plant with pump-turbine quasi homologous to the reduced scale model is modelled using the simulation software SIMSEN considering the reservoirs, penstocks, the two Francis pump-turbines, the two downstream surge tanks, and the tailrace tunnel. For the electrical part, an FSFC configuration is considered with a detailed electrical model. The transitions from turbine to pump and vice versa are simulated, and similarities between prototype simulation results and reduced scale model experiments are highlighted.
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000231254 7112_ $$dFebruary 2-3, 2017$$cPorto, Portugal$$aHYPERBOLE Conference
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