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Engineering the Size Distributions of Ordered GaAs Nanowires on Silicon

Reproducible integration of III-V semiconductors on silicon can open new path toward CMOS compatible optoelectronics and novel design schemes in next generation solar cells. Ordered arrays of nanowires could accomplish this task, provided they are obtained in high yield and uniformity. In this work, we provide understanding on the physical factors affecting size uniformity in ordered GaAs arrays grown on silicon. We show that the length and diameter distributions in the initial stage of growth are not much influenced. by the Poissonian fluctuation-induced broadening, but rather are determined by the long incubation stage. We also show that the size distributions are consistent with the double exponential shapes typical for macroscopic nucleation with a large critical length after Which the nanowires grow irreversibly. The size uniformity is dramatically improved by increasing the As-4 flux, suggesting, a new path for obtaining highly uniform arrays of GaAs nanowires on silicon.

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