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Post-Synthesis Amine Borane Functionalization of a Metal-Organic Framework and Its Unusual Chemical Hydrogen Release Phenomenon

A novel strategy for post-synthesis amine borane functionalization of MOFs under gas-solid phase transformation, utilizing gaseous diborane, is reported. The covalently confined amine borane derivative decorated on the framework backbone is stable when preserved at low temperature, but spontaneously liberates soft chemical hydrogen at room temperature, leading to the development of an unusual borenium type species (-NH=BH2+) ion-paired with a hydroborate anion. Furthermore, the unsaturated amino borane (-NH=BH2) and the mu-iminodiborane (-mu-NHB2H5) were detected as final products. A combination of DFT based molecular dynamics simulations and solid state NMR spectroscopy, utilizing isotopically enriched materials, were undertaken to unequivocally elucidate the mechanistic pathways for H-2 liberation.


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