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Implementation of Band-to-Band Tunneling Phenomena in a Multisubband Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulator: Application to Silicon TFETs

Tunnel FETs (TFETs) are in the way to become an alternative to conventional MOSFETs due to the possibility of achieving low subthreshold swing combined with small OFF current levels, which allows operation at low VDD. In this paper, a nonlocal band-to-band tunneling model has been successfullyimplemented into amultisubbandensemble Monte Carlo (MS-EMC) simulator and applied to ultrascaled silicon-based n-type TFETs. We have considered two different criteria for the choice of the tunnelingpath followed by the carriers when crossing the potential barrier, which leads to different distributions of the generated electronhole pairs. Subband discretization due to field-induced quantum confinement has been considered. TCAD simulations accounting for quantization effects are considered for comparison purposes providing a very accurate agreement with MS-EMC results.


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