System for selective spatiotemporal stimulation of the spinal cord

The present disclosure refers to systems for electrical neurostimulation of a spinal cord of a subject in need of nervous system function support. In one example, a system comprises a signal processing device configured to receive signals from the subject and operate signal-processing algorithms to elaborate stimulation parameter settings; one or more multi-electrode arrays suitable to cover a portion of the spinal cord of the subject; and an Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) configured to receive the stimulation parameter settings from the signal processing device and simultaneously deliver independent current or voltage pulses to the one or more multiple electrode arrays, wherein the independent current or voltage pulses provide multipolar spatiotemporal stimulation of spinal circuits and/or dorsal roots. Such system advantageously enables effective control of nervous system functions in the subject by stimulating the spinal cord, such as the dorsal roots of the spinal cord, with spatiotemporal selectivity.

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