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Spin anisotropic interactions of lower polaritons in the vicinity of polaritonic Feshbach resonance

We determine experimentally the spinor interaction constants of lower polaritons alpha 1 and alpha 2 using a resonant pump-probe spectroscopy with a spectrally narrow pump pulse. Our experimental findings are analyzed with the Bogoliubov-type theory and a mean-field two-channel model based on the lower polariton and biexciton basis. We find an enhancement of the attractive interaction and a dissipative nonlinearity of lower polaritons with antiparallel spins in the vicinity of the biexciton resonance when the energy of two lower polaritons approaches energetically that of the biexciton. These observations are consistent with the existence of a scattering resonance between lower polaritons and biexcitons (polaritonic Feshbach resonance).


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