EHR: a Sensing Technology Readiness Model for Lifestyle Changes

Interest in developing user-centered sensing technologies for personalized behavior change has gained significant momentum. However, very little research work has been done to understand issues relative to user readiness and adoption of the sensing technologies to change their behaviors, especially the motivations as well as the concerns and impediments for adoption. We have developed a model called EHR (e-health readiness), to understand and explain the relationship between user habits, perceived healthiness and beliefs towards sensing technologies, and how these factors influence user readiness to use sensing technologies to manage their wellness. We then validate the model using psychometric methods by a large-scale user study (N = 541). Results show overall readiness to sensing technologies is positively influenced by readiness to monitor health conditions, share data within social networks, and receive recommendations. Additionally, readiness is significantly impacted by perceptions of healthiness, technology satisfaction and usefulness of such technology. Finally, we summarize user motivations and concerns for pervasive sensing tools through qualitative analysis on their comments. We present this model and the results of this survey to shed light on designing future sensing technologies for behavior change.

Published in:
Mobile Networks & Applications, 22, 3, 478-492
Dordrecht, Springer

 Record created 2017-07-10, last modified 2018-03-17

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