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Anisotropic pressure effects on the Kagome Cu3Bi(SeO3)(2)O2Cl metamagnet

The anisotropic spin-flip-induced multiferroic property of the Kagome single-crystal Cu3Bi(SeO3)(2)O2Cl was recently investigated. The doping effects on the structural and magnetic properties of Cu3Bi(Se1-xTexO3)(2)O2Cl (0 <= x <= 0.6) polycrystalline samples were studied to further explore and manipulate the metamagnetic spin-flip transition. With higher Te concentration, the lattice constants a and b exhibit a linear increase, whereas the lattice constant c gradually decreases, which indicates that the anisotropic expansion and compression effect is induced by Te substitution in the Se site. Subsequently, the antiferromagnetic transition (T-N) shifts to a higher temperature, the critical field (H-c) of the metamagnetic spin-flip transition increases, and the value of the saturation magnetisation (M-s) diminishes. Meanwhile, the effects of isotropic expansion (with Br doping) and compression (with external pressure) do not show a clear influence on the spin-flip phenomena. Our results emphasise the introduction of anisotropic pressure in Cu3Bi(SeO3)(2)O2Cl, which modulates the magnetic interaction of Cu (I)-O-1-Cu (I) and Cu (I)-O-1-Cu (II) and, consequently, enhances the H-c of the spin-flip transition.


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