Conference paper


​Learning is a complex, mostly invisible process that happens across spaces, occurring in the physical world but also increasingly in virtual worlds or web-based spaces. In order to explore what happens in such blended learning experience, there is a need for multiple data sources that bring evidence from these different spaces. The present proceedings bring together two workshops co-located at the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK‘17) conference in Vancouver (Canada): the 2nd Cross-LAK and the 6th Multimodal Learning Analytics (MMLA) workshop. The two workshops tackled the analysis of this complexity, from complementary perspectives. Our aim is to promote dialogue and the alignment of these research efforts across both subcommunities. Moreover, this collaboration is the seed of a Special Interest Group (SIG) that will be part of the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). The goal of this SIG will be to advance the understanding of the learning process no matter where and how it happens.

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