Metal complex photosensitizer and photovoltaic cell

A photosensitizer complex of formulae (Ia) MX3Lt or (Ib) MXYLt in which M is a transition metal selected from ruthenium, osmium, iron, rhenium and technetium, preferably ruthenium or osmium; each X is a co-ligand independently selected from NCS,Cl,Br,I,CN,NCO, H2O, NCN2-; pyridine unsubstituted or substituted by at least one group selected from vinyl, primary, secondary or tertiary amine, OH and C1-30 alkyl, preferably NCS-; and Lt is a tridentate ligand comprising heterocycles such as pyridine, thiophene, imidazole, pyrazole, triazole, carrying at least one carboxylic, phosphoric, hydoxamic acid or a chelating group. A photovoltaic cell comprising an electrically conductive layer deposited on a support to which at least one titanium dioxide layer has been applied and, as a photosensitizer applied to the titanium dioxide layer, a photosensitizer complex of formula (1a) or (1b) as specified above.

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EPO Family ID: 11004561
TTO: 5.0015

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