Ferroelectric film capacitor structure with selective doping

A ferroelectric film capacitor structure (FeCAP), in particular for memory applications, comprises a layer of doped ferroelectric material between facing electrodes having a varying/asymmetric doping profile, the concentration of the dopant in the ferroelectric material varying as a function of the distance from the electrodes. The ferroelectric material can be in particular a perovskite such as (Pb) (Zr,Ti)03 (PZT) and the dopant can be selected from Nb, Ta, La, Sr, Ca or their combinations. Advantageously, the concentration of dopant decreases near one or both interfaces of the ferroelectric material with the electrodes, the concentration of dopant, as a function of the distance from the electrodes, being typically up to 15% by weight of the ferroelectric material.

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