Easy release fluoropolymer molds for micro- and nano-pattern replication

A mold (35) for use in nano- or micro-replication processes on thermoplastic polymer substrates (20), comprises a nano- or micro-structured fluoropolymer surface that, when the mold (35) is used in a nano- or micro-replication process, serves for the application of a nano- or micro-structuration on a thermoplastic polymer substrate (20,22). The nano- or micro-structured fluoropolymer surface is itself obtained by nano- or micro-structuration against the fluoropolymer surface (30) using a master mold (10) of silicon, quartz, nickel, steel, copper, or another material of comparable properties having a nano- or micro-structuration corresponding to that to be applied to a substrate (22). The fluoromold (35) can be used for nano- or micro-imprint lithography, or a liquid polymer can be coated or extruded against the nano-or micro-structured fluoropolymer surface.

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