Towards an implicit time-continuous assessment of Quality of Experience for immersive multimedia

Quality of Experience (QoE) is a time-varying perceptual process. Despite its complexity and numerous impacting factors, recent efforts have been made to come up with subjective assessment methodologies of QoE. However, no time-continuous variant of subjective evaluation methodologies have been proposed. Considering that an explicit time-continuous assessment could impact the experience itself, validity of conclusions from such an evaluation can be put in question. The solution proposed here is an implicit time-continuous assessment methodology indicating the time-periods of an audio-visual stimulus during which an experience is assessed. The motivation behind this methodology is to provide additional and non-redundant information enabling further investigations in Sense of Presence (SoP). SoP is one of the major metrics in immersive technologies, highly correlated with QoE. This paper describes a work in progress for such an evaluation methodology design.

Presented at:
International Young Researcher Summit on Quality of Experience in Emerging Multimedia Services (QEEMS 2017), Erfurt, Germany, May 29-30 , 2017


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