Solar module and its production process

The present invention relates to a solar module comprising a front sheet (30), an amorphous silicon photoelectric device (32) comprising at least a transparent front electrode layer (34), a p-type doped silicon layer (36), an intrinsic silicon layer (38), a n-type doped silicon layer (40), and a transparent back electrode layer (42), a back reflector (44), and a back sheet (46). The intrinsic silicon layer (38) of the amorphous silicon photoelectric device (32) has a thickness comprised between 50nm and 300nm, and preferably comprised between 100 nm and 200 nm. Moreover, the solar module further comprises, between the amorphous silicon photoelectric device (32) and the back reflector (44), a colored encapsulant layer (48) which comprises a coloring agent chosen in such a way that the solar module has a color within a region defined by an x value of 0.15to 0.75 and a y value of 0.10 to 0.70, and preferably defined by an x value of 0.28 to 0.65 and a y value of 0.20 to 0.50, in a chromaticity diagram of a CIE 1931 Yxy color system. Such solar modules have a uniform terracotta color similar to the color of traditional roof tiles and can be easily incorporated into the architecture of the buildings.


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