Facial rehabilitative device based on robogami (robotic origami) platform

The present invention relates to a facial rehabilitative device based on Robogami (Robotic Origami) platform. The device facilitates the process of the physical therapy for the therapist, to make this process more disciplined, and to enhance the result for the patient. Softness and low thickness are necessary in the facial prosthesis for safety and mechanical transparency; to patient's normal movements. Moreover the prosthesis may be adapted for different therapy methods, which means that different components are embeddable in the main platform of the prosthesis depending on the therapy requirements. Robogami platform is the main frame that embeds other functional components in the facial devices. Robogamis are low profile robots that can transform into different 3D shells. They provide softness through many Degrees of Freedom (Do F) that are driven by soft actuation (either soft materials or soft control). The layer by layer fabrication process of the Robogami is advantageous for the facial prosthesis since it allows embedment of different functional layers; such as electric stimulators, stiffness adaptive structures, and pressure sensitive layer; according to the requirements of the therapy method.

Alternative title(s) : (fr) Dispositif de restauration faciale basée sur une plate-forme robogami (origami robotique)
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