Privacy-enhancing technologies for medical tests using genomic data

In this invention, we propose privacy-enhancing technologies for medical tests and personalized medicine methods, which utilize patients' genomic data. Assuming the whole genome sequencing is done by a certified institution, we propose to store patients' genomic data encrypted by a patient's public keys at a Storage and Processing Unit (SPU). A part of the corresponding private key is also stored on the SPU. At the time of the test by a Medical Unit (MU), the patient provides the second part of the private key to the MU. A test with its associated markers is determined by the MU and sent to the SPU. The test is carried out on the encrypted values thanks to homomorphic operation and returned back to the MU. The latter uses the second part of the private key to access the result.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Datenschutzverbessernde technologien für medizinische tests unter verwendung von genomischen daten (fr) Technologies renforçant la protection de la vie privée pour tests médicaux à l'aide de données génomiques
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