Titanium oxide aerogel composites

The invention relates to titanium oxide aerogels, in particular to titanium oxide binary or ternary (e.g. titanium oxide-carbon) aerogel monoliths possessing ordered meso- and macroporosity. The porous scaffold can be made with or without addition of binders and/or surfactants. The aerogel obtained by this method has a specific surface area greater than 60 m2/g and porosity larger than 60%. The surface area ranges from 60 to 300 m2/g. The porosity can reach as high as 99.6%. The size of the titanium oxide crystals are between 5 nm and 100 nm. The aerogel contains 100% titanium oxide. The composite (binary or ternary) aerogel can be prepared by adding at least 10% carbon in the form of (carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers, carbon microfibers, exfoliated graphene, cellulose fibers, polymer fibers, metallic and metal oxide nano and microfibers etc.). The aerogel can be prepared with a predeterminable shape. It can be shaped in a mold having a shape of a cylinder, cube, sheet or sphere. The aerogel can be also transformed into a supported or self-standing film with a thickness. The material can be used as a self-cleaning filter e.g. in a solar-thermal water and air purification system, in mesoscopic solar cells e.g. dye sensitized solar cells, multifunctional filler in polymer composites, in ceramics, in metals, thermoelectric material to convert (waste) heat into electricity, heat insulation material and electrode material in lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors.

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