Meet Spinky: An Open-Source Spindle and K-Complex Detection Toolbox Validated on the Open-Access Montreal Archive of Sleep Studies (MASS)

Sleep spindles and K-complexes are among the most prominent micro-events observed in electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings during sleep. These EEG microstructures are thought to be hallmarks of sleep-related cognitive processes. Although tedious and time-consuming, their identification and quantification is important for sleep studies in both healthy subjects and patients with sleep disorders. Therefore, procedures for automatic detection of spindles and K-complexes could provide valuable assistance to researchers and clinicians in the field. Recently, we proposed a framework for joint spindle and K-complex detection (Lajnef et al., 2015a) based on a Tunable Q-factor Wavelet Transform (TQWT; Selesnick, 2011a) and morphological component analysis (MCA). Using a wide range of performance metrics, the present article provides critical validation and benchmarking of the proposed approach by applying it to open-access EEG data from the Montreal Archive of Sleep Studies (MASS; O'Reilly et al., 2014). Importantly, the obtained scores were compared to alternative methods that were previously tested on the same database. With respect to spindle detection, our method achieved higher performance than most of the alternative methods. This was corroborated with statistic tests that took into account both sensitivity and precision (i. e., Matthew's coefficient of correlation (MCC), F1, Cohen k). Our proposed method has been made available to the community via an open-source tool named Spinky (for spindle and K-complex detection). Thanks to a GUI implementation and access to Matlab and Python resources, Spinky is expected to contribute to an open-science approach that will enhance replicability and reliable comparisons of classifier performances for the detection of sleep EEG microstructure in both healthy and patient populations.

Published in:
Frontiers In Neuroinformatics, 11, 15
Lausanne, Frontiers Media Sa

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