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33 W continuous output power semiconductor disk laser emitting at 1275 nm

We demonstrate a semiconductor disk laser emitting at 1275nm, employing a wafer fused AlInGaAs/InP-AlAs/GaAs gain mirror. A built-in Au-reflector was used to reflect the pump light not absorbed in a single pass through the gain chip active region. The laser exhibited an output power of 33 W for a pump spot with a diameter of 0.86 mm, an output coupler of 2.5%, and a heat-sink temperature of -5 degrees C. When the temperature of the heat-sink was increased to 15 degrees C, the maximum output power reached a value of similar to 24 W. The study reveals that the wafer fused gain mirrors have a high optical quality and good uniformity enabling scaling of the maximum emitted power with the diameter of the pump spot, i.e. at least up to the 1 mm diameter. (C) 2017 Optical Society of America


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